Liquid Season

“Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same river.” (Heraclitus)

Water, as a field of emotions, is a stage for the creation of a world from which we are made, in which we create and change.
A magnifying glass that purifies and distorts. A place where you can hide and discover new worlds.


Director and Choreography: Avshalom Pollak

Dancers: Zvi Fishzon, Noga Harmrlin, Marta-Luiza Jankowska, Noa Hahn, Mats Van Rossum, Shahar Hanin, Ahinoam Chai, Tamir Golan, Shay Kukui, Rebecca Laufer

CEO: Orly Onn

Rehearsal Director: Michal Almogi

Production: Efrat Blich, Iris Zaki